Good Leasing Results: “It has been a pleasure working with you.”

Some transactions just go so well that I just want to reach through the phone to the person I’ve been working with and extend a big ol’ hug. Imagine every working interaction going smoothly, sharing the information needed to make an informed decision (on both sides), doing what we say we will do, giving the customer exactly what we promised, and the customer acknowledging that as the case? Bingo. Customer satisfaction, verified, gently lifting our modest enterprise up, providing a sense of satisfaction in our work and process.

This doesn’t happen with every transaction, but how sweet it is when it does.


About Frank Penkala

A self-employed finance guy who you can reach most of the time at (403) 701-5877. Fixer of interesting commercial lease financing challenges. The journey just seems to be getting more interesting. An active supporter of Kiva, Plan Canada, The Stephen Lewis Foundation and MSF Canada.
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